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Pressed Steel Sectional Tank


The pressed steel sectional rectangular tank is a versatile bulk storage container of water. The sectional construction concept consist of bolting up together mass produced tank panels (either 1.22m or 1.0m square) into tanks of varius sizes and capacities.


Mild steel panels SS400 or JIS G3103 or BS EN 10025-3: 2004
Stainless steel panel: AISI Grade 304 and 316

Panel Size
For 1220 x 1220 module: 1220 x 1220, 610 x 1220 and 610 x 610
For 1000 x 1000 module: 1000 x 1000, 500 x 1000 and 500 x 500

Flanges of plates
Each individual panel is hydraulically pressed with a combined double flange at an angle of 45degree or 90 degree to the face of the panel on all 4 sides.

Panel Coating and Lining
Bitumen painted
Hot dipped galvanised
Epoxy or Polyester
Powder coated for Mild Steel Panel

High density Polyethelyene (HDPE) internal lining of completed tank
Fibreglass internal lining of completed tank