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The slogan, Bringing Innovation Home, is conceived from the culture that has been practiced within the JOVEN brand since the beginning. It is the culture of striving for innovation with JOVEN made products, so that it may benefit all who uses it. The slogan is chosen to represent the brand because of the following factors:

The brands positioning is one that stands for innovation. That means JOVEN will constantly innovate its product by using the latest of technologies and precise expertise. The word “home” indicates that JOVEN is a brand that innovates products for home usage.


Horizontal water heater: Joven 15L (3.3 Gal) - Joven 91L (20 Gal)

Vertical water heaters: Joven 25L (5.5 Gal)- Joven 50L (11 Gal)

Horizontal water heater "Heat Elevator" (green technology): Joven 15L (3.3 Gal) - Joven 91L (20 Gal)

Instant water heater: Joven instant hot shower

Heating element and spare parts:
Joven thermostat round TSE 110302001 (84)
Joven thermostat 110302002 (20433)
Joven 3 function selector valve JP100
Joven thermal fuse accessory JH (119002004)
Joven heating element C/W 1 1/4 bush 3KW 3 holes PT (119002001)

Joven heating element C/W 1 1/4 bush 3KW F holes (119002002)
Joven heating element C/W 1 1/4 bush 3KW 1200LMM TF (119002075)
Joven heating element socket spanner 230102012
Joven HPRD valve assy (brass) 139002004
Joven VPRD valve assy (brass) 139002003
Joven VPRD valve assey (nickle) 139002007