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UPVC Pipes Paling

UPVC Pipes, SWV Pipes, Bellmouth pressure pipes, Rainwater Down Pipes, Schedules 80 pipes


UPVC Pipes (Grey coloured) pressure and non pressure pipes (for solvent cement join)
UPVC SWV Pipes, soil, waste & vent - white colour
UPVC Bellmouth pressure pipes
UPVC rainwater down pipes (SWV)
UPVC Schedule 80 pipes (ASTM D1785/CSA B137.3


Pressure and Non pressure pipes (for solvent cement join)
Sizes Range: 15mm - 300mm
*Sizes are available for special order only. Sizes of 80mm and above are supplied with socket at one end

UPVC Pipes (SWV) Soil, waste & vent - white colour
Sizes Range: 36mm - 315mm

UPVC Pipes (SWV): Paling "Tritech" Soil, waste & vent - white colour
Sizes Range: 82mm - 160mm

UPVC Bell-mouth pressure pipe
Sizes Range: 82mm - 300mm

UPVC Rainwater down pipes (SWV)
Sizes Range:
Light duty: 80mm - 110mm, BS 4576, P/E
Medium duty: 100mm - 315mm, BS 4514, BS 4660, MS 979 PT 2, P/E, S/S
Heavy duty: 110mm - 250mm, DIN 8061, S/S
110 - 200mm pipes with rubber ring joints are available on special order.
P/E: Plain End, S/S: Solvent Socket
Light and medium duty: White
Heavy duty: Greyish White