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Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank make for a safe and practical choice for storage of potable water.


Stainless Steel Water Tank make for a safe and practical choice for storage of potable water. The highly durable heat resistant structure will not deform easily. Its rust- and corrosion-free surface prevents growth of bacteria, fungus and algae found on conventional water tank. Water quality is ensured due to characteristics of stainless steel that is free from toxic, chemical and odour, as well as tank design that prevents insect contamination and facilitate easy discharge of residue. Light weight, easy to install and perfect for outdoor application.


Deluxe Specifications:

Vertical with stand, round bottom
Sizes Range: 400L - 15,000L

Vertical without stand, flat bottom
Sizes Range: 400L - 15,000L

Horizontal with stand
Sizes Range: 500L - 4000L

LSL Specifications

Flat top and flat bottom without stand - standard grade
Sizes Range: 1180 x 1194mm (H), 1100L - 1420 x 1620mm (H), 2000L

Round bottom with stand - Superior grade
Sizes Range: 970 x 1956mm (H), 1000L - 1420 x 3200mm (H), 4000L

Round bottom with stand - Standard grade
Sizes Range: 760 - 1660mm (H), 500L - 1180 x 2515mm (H), 2000L

Horizontal with stand
Sizes Range: 760 (W) x 1570mm (L) - 1420 (W) x 1625mm (L)